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Familiar with Vitamin B6 and Food Source Vitamin B6

This B vitamin derivation seems to be quite popular than other derivatives. Vitamin B6 is one of the vitamins that has been heard by everyone. One characteristic of this compound is its water-soluble nature. The chemical term used for vitamin B6 is pyridoxine found in about the 1900s.

Pyridoxine compounds are not directly found when experts are researching nuts that until now the results of his research is used for the broader community.

Why do researchers spread the results of this research to the broader community? This is because vitamin B6 is very useful for the body as one of the aids in the processing of amino acids and fats that are in the body.

This process of processing is very influential on the intestine which will also affect the metabolism and digestion of a person.

Vitamin B6 and Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant young most will experience nausea and vomiting every morning, or known as ‘morning sickness.’ Pregnant women experience different hormonal and metabolic changes when she is ‘alone’ first.

This nausea can be eliminated or minimized by taking vitamin B6. Pregnant women who want to cope with severe nausea with vitamin B6 are advised to consult first to ensure a dose that is not harmful to him and the baby he was carrying.

But most doctors will usually suggest the mother drinking pregnant milk as one of the earliest exits.

Vitamin B6 is perfect when it comes to the right amount for everyone. Every adult needs only two milligrams of vitamin B6. More detailed figures for adult males and females amount to one point three milligrams a day.

But for pregnant and lactating women, the amount of this vitamin can be given in slightly larger doses. Those who lack this vitamin, although the case is still very rare, will experience a less good metabolism indigestion, anemia, weakness, and lack of energy, seizures in infants and dermatitis.

Even if too much consumed, vitamin B6 will be removed through the urine; it’s good everybody keeps the stability of this vitamin intake.

If convicted less by a doctor, then someone can be advised to consume supplements. But the thing to remember is not to consume supplements continuously. Consumption of supplements containing vitamin B6 is not good for health because it is usually added in preservatives.

Deficiency (Deficiency) Vitamin B6

Some research adds that vitamin B6 deficiency can cause injury to have the reddish tongue, chapped mouth at the corners, and numbness in hands and feet.

Vitamin B6 deficiency can be caused because a person does not get enough food sources or consuming drugs that turned out to make this vitamin is lost from the reserve in the body.

Anyone who can be deficient in vitamin B6?

There are real examples of them are very potential to suffer from diseases caused by vitamin deficiency. One of them is vegetarian. Intake of food sources containing vitamin B6 mostly comes from meat.

Those who are vegetarians do not consume this, requiring vitamin intake from other sources or by taking supplements. In addition to vegetarian, people who have asthma, diabetes and heart patients should also pay attention to this vitamin intake carefully.

Excess Vitamin B6

On the other hand, those with excessive intake of vitamin B6 in very high doses are sustainably susceptible to damage to the nerves. Also, the potential for kidney stones is huge.

Some cases are revealed that excessive in consuming vitamin B6 in the body will be marked the first time with numbness even to the inability of the body or senses to feel the vibration or temperature. Fatigue becomes the accumulation of all the effects of all this in a prolonged period.

However, cases of excess or lack of vitamin B6 are very rare. This is because many people indirectly have enough of these vitamins when they consume food or supplements.

Type of Food Source Vitamin B6

Some food sources that contain this vitamin include beef, goat, and sheep. Salmon, cod, and tuna are also included in one food source that contains vitamin B6. This is why those who are vegetarians are particularly vulnerable to this vitamin deficiency.

But all this can be overcome by consuming other sources of vitamin B6 that can be obtained easily from the surrounding environment. Other sources of vitamin B6 include spinach, peppers, radishes, bread, and cereals.

Additional sources of fruits are avocados, tomato bananas, melons, and watermelons. This is why bananas are highly recommended for pregnant women to eat when they are nauseated or want to vomit. The delicious aroma can ease the feeling.

Other Benefits of Vitamin B6

In addition to pregnant women, vitamin B6 is also very good for the growth of infants and toddlers. The baby being conceived and the growing child will be able to develop correctly because of getting a proper intake for the brain and the formation of nerves.

Also, giving vitamin B6 to them will be excellent for optimizing brain development. The development of the brain so one of the essential things for the fetus that is being conceived. In some studies conducted by nutritionists, that vitamin B6 can accelerate menstruation for women.

Many women are very susceptible to menstruation is not lancer due to stress or hormone production is not balanced. Consuming vitamin B6 can make someone more relaxed again so that pre-menstrual period will not come early.

Given the primary function of vitamin B is to convert the nutritional content of food into energy, then this is also done by vitamin B6. The ability to change this power can make a person have better endurance than those who lack this vitamin.

Also, the diseases that come can also prevent well. Some conditions that can be counteracted by vitamin B6 is rheumatic, colds and some can handle leprosy! Those who get a toothache because it is too sensitive to the wind can be avoided.

Amino acids present in the body can decompose by taking vitamin B6. This is done to get a good immune system. Body resistance is significant for a person so as not susceptible to disease.

The Severe disease begins with a mildly neglected disease. For example a complex neurological disorder. At first, it may just be a trembling hand. However, due to neglect and not getting vitamin B6 as an initial treatment effort, then the trembling hands may be unable to be controlled due to complex nerve disorders.